“I received a copy of your I DO, and I UNDERSTAND book this afternoon. I have spent the last 2 hours reading and enjoying what you have written. …I definitely will be putting this on my list for the following fall. Thank you for … writing a book that presents math and science to future teachers from the child’s view.”–Kelli Dudley
Oklahoma Christian University

“A merit of his liberalized Piagetian approach is to help educators to take a subject’s perspective about children as learners. These analyses of Dr. Louisell’s yield wise advice on educational strategies, which might help to refine interventions in elementary science education.”

–Juan Pascual-Leone

“Previous texts on the subject … neglected … grade levels one through three. This book … comprehensively deals with preschool/kindergarten and grades 1-3 and it contains over a hundred tested early childhood activities for mathematics and science.”

–From the Author’s Preface

“I appreciate it very much… a fantastic job.”

–Monika Krajcovicova, Griffith University, Australia.